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Snacka Snyggt

Making rhetoric easy and accessible


Fredrika is the rhetoric consultant who makes rhetoric—often seen as a scary subject—both easy and accessible. Snacka Snyggt offers creative training in modern rhetoric and communication, with headquarters in Stockholm. In Gothenburg, Fredrika Widefjärd runs the show from Annevo's offices at Kungsportsavenyen 1.

A unique backround story

When Fredrika started her second year of high school, the students were given the opportunity to choose an elective subject. On the list was rhetoric, which caught her interest. She was in the musical theater program and thought it would be exciting to balance the aesthetic focus with practicing speaking as herself.

It turned out to be the perfect choice. After the first lesson, Fredrika loved rhetoric more than singing, dancing, and acting. One day, the teacher showed a clip from Nyhetsmorgon where Sweden's foremost rhetorician, Elaine Eksvärd, gave tips on credible speaking. Fredrika was captivated and decided she wanted to work as a rhetorician at Elaine's company, Snacka Snyggt.

After high school, Fredrika practiced speaking in public diligently, including leading customer events and sales training at IKEA. At university, she earned two bachelor's degrees: one in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Gothenburg and one in Rhetoric from Uppsala University. When it was time for an internship, she recorded a video where she argued why Snacka Snyggt should take her on as an intern.

A few weeks later, Fredrika was offered an internship, and two weeks into it, she was also offered a job.

Why Annevo?

When Fredrika started at Snacka Snyggt as a rhetoric consultant, she immediately said she never wanted to move to Stockholm but would happily work to establish Snacka Snyggt in Gothenburg. After a few months working from various cafes in Gothenburg, she got help from Nya Kvadrat and Christian Ulkner to find the perfect office.

- My first visit to Annevo was love at first sight. The place was amazing, centrally located, had a great training room (a must-have from my bosses), and everyone was super friendly and accommodating. - says Fredrika.

The most important thing about Snacka Snyggt

Fredrika believes everything about her job is incredibly important.! She helps people who feel insecure due to communication challenges to feel confident and secure. This can involve anything from learning to be tough in a negotiation while still being nice to the other person, to gaining the tools to give professional presentations in front of colleagues or clients.

Fredrika explains that research shows many people are more afraid of public speaking than of death, and every year, some individuals choose not to advance in their careers because the role involves speaking in front of others. Educating such individuals gives her tremendous energy and a sense that she is doing something good for others.

She also offers inspiration and tips to new management teams on how to handle common communication challenges faced by leaders with staff responsibilities.

Building with Annevo

Fredrika explains that Annevo contributes to her business in two main ways; firstly, it provides her with the opportunity to meet her clients in a professional manner. She feels that the facilities give a professional impression, making it easier for Fredrika to grow her business in Gothenburg.

Secondly, over the past year, Fredrika has increasingly focused on consulting and engineering companies in Gothenburg, particularly those within Netgroup, a constellation of networking technology companies. Thanks to Annevo's collaboration with Netgroup, Fredrika has found it easier to access these companies and has been able to consult Annevo's management about the right contacts.

- I really love it here and I'm totally convinced there's no better place in town for me. Clients and colleagues often ask if it gets lonely being the only one from Snacka Snyggt in Gothenburg. But honestly, I never feel alone when I'm with Annevo. Even though we're from different companies, it feels like we're all colleagues. - says Fredrika.

Future adventures with Snacka Snyggt

Fredrika's vision for the future with Snacka Snyggt includes getting a colleague in Gothenburg soon. She thinks it would be great fun to share the Gothenburg market with one of her wonderful colleagues and grow even more.

She also hopes to write a book someday, preferably one that children and teenagers in primary school can use as a textbook. The goal of the book would be to help people feel comfortable speaking in front of others from a young age, so that in maybe 20 years, we no longer need to talk about people being more afraid of speaking in front of a group than anything else they can think of.

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