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Revolutionizing mobility solutions


Ezeto consists of a dedicated team with a passion for smart mobility solutions. Presently, EZETO stands as an app facilitating convenient van rentals across various Swedish cities. However, the aspirations reach beyond; the team harbor grand plans for the future. Founded by automotive industry veterans Martin Benjaminsson and Daniel Gollungberg, EZETO was born out of a shared vision for simplifying van rentals. Recognizing a gap in the market, they undertook a new challenge to make the process straightforward and accessible.

Lowering thresholds for sustainability

Before EZETO, a straightforward and sustainable option for van rentals was nonexistent. Individuals residing in major cities seldom had access to cars, let alone vans. While renting from a nearby gas station was an option, it came with intricate paperwork, and refueling the vehicle during the trip was a requirement.

EZETO aim to make sustainable choices easy for individuals and businesses, and their commitment aligns with the growing sharing economy, where one shared vehicle can eliminate ten cars from the streets in the long run. This is why providing effortless sharing options to the market will become crucial in the future. Increased car-sharing among individuals leads to a more efficient utilization of vehicles, contributing to environmental conservation.

Annevo partnership: Catalyst for growth

In August 2023, the company found a strategic ally in Annevo. The team was seeking to find a new workspace, and found their new home in the Annevo House in Gothenburg. The partnership led to EZETO acquiring design and front-end development services from Annevo.

“Annevo's technical expertise, inspiring work environment, and collaborative initiatives have accelerated our growth journey and has been a delightful experience. Their welcoming atmosphere fosters exciting conversations with passionate individuals. Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing office enhances our overall work environment.” says Bianca Jacobsson - Head of Marketing at EZETO.

Alongside a substantial subscriber base, the team is dedicated to realizing the vision of simplifying transportation in both small and large cities across Europe.

EZETO in numbers:

Coworkers: 7
Founded: 2020
Vans: 15
Cities: 6 (4 incoming)
Users: 10 000
Rentals: 8000

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