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Infographic picture of the Goodfeed feedback product.



Generating next level feedback


The mission

Goodfeed has developed a platform that simplifies the process for companies to create and maintain good and sustainable relationships with their customers and internal teams.

Goodfeed has quickly established itself as a forward-thinking player in its field. With a dedicated team of 4 employees and a total of 9 professionals including collaborators and part-time contributors, Goodfeed operates with a lean but highly effective workforce. Despite its compact size, the company has successfully attracted just over 20 clients, a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to quality. This solid foundation allows Goodfeed to maintain a focus on delivering exceptional value and service to its growing client base. As it continues to expand its operations and impact, Goodfeed is demonstrating what can be achieved with a committed team and a clear vision.

The Team behind the product

Goodfeed was founded in the spring of 2022 by Henrik Nordling and Andréa Rylander, who had previously worked as lawyers. Early on, they teamed up with two skilled developers, helping to build the cloudbased platform. They are a small but skilled team with big ambitions. Over the two years they've been running the company, they've managed to attract some really talented people with experience in COO and product owner roles from other startups. This year, they also hired their first talent dedicated to sales who will help propel the company growth.

Passionate about customer relations

Goodfeed was launched with the goal of helping companies build stronger relationships with their customers and move away from outdated internal practices. They recognized a need for more transparency in the professional services industry, opening up opportunities to truly listen to what customers think about their partnership—what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix issues before it's too late. Essentially, they saw the problem firsthand—customers leaving without explanation and projects that could have been saved with timely action. Through strong collaborations, they aim to build long-term relationships and grow with their existing customer base.

The most crucial thing Goodfeed does is ensure that our clients can secure more business with both new and existing customers while minimizing the risk of losing them. We become an integral part of our clients' ongoing quality efforts. - Andréa Rylander, co-founder Goodfeed.

Their product is a next-generation feedback tool based on the "Retrospective" model—a method for reviewing and evaluating collaborations and relationships. It's a fantastic model that offers the chance to continuously improve how work is done. Goodfeed combines this retrospective approach with a layer of data-driven insights from research-based KPIs.

Office space

They moved into Annevo when the new facilities were ready, around August 2023. They met Victor at a lunch where he mentioned the opportunity to be there and all the great synergies that could come from the skilled people at Annevo. Besides that, it's no secret that the appeal of the facilities themselves also drew them in!

Annevo has absolutely been a big part of our growth journey. We get daily inspiration and the opportunity to discuss all sorts of questions, from product details to strategic company decisions! It's so much fun, and we really feel at home. Everyone is so friendly, and we feel like part of the team! - Andréa Rylander continues.

Looking ahead

The Goodfeed team is gearing up for an ambitious phase, putting their sights squarely on expansion. With a clear vision and laser-sharp focus, their primary goal for the coming year is to ambitiously double their customer base. This target reflects their commitment to not just grow, but scale significantly.

Furthermore, 2024 is set to be a dynamic year for Goodfeed, with several strategic hires on the horizon. These new team members are expected to bring fresh energy and innovative ideas, further fueling the startup's journey towards becoming a key player in their industry.

Head of Sales

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