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Security without compromising productivity and digital experience


Empowers Businesses for a Safer Digital World

As a security focused company, Actalos ambition is to raise the minimum level of security, reduce the gap, and thereby contribute to a safer everyday life for the businesses.

In an ever-changing digital world, a dynamic mindset is essential to navigate the evolving security landscape. As businesses face an increasing number of intrusions, data breaches, and other cybersecurity threats. The matter should not be a cause for concern, but rather a reason for making informed decisions. Together with their clients, Actalos is pioneering a world where businesses can thrive without the fear of cyber adversaries, providing the tools and expertise needed to create a secure digital future.

Since 2023, Actalos is part of Annevo's entrepreneurial network of newly formed and promising companies. The team is part of the co-office space in the Annevo House at Kungsportsavenyen 1 in Gothenburg.

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