Johanna and Dmitri, our talented interns at ANNEVO, at the ANNEVODEX release.

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ANNEVO presents the ANNEVODEX release, an innovative platform developed by our interns with support from the Annevo team.

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June 20, 2023

For the past six months, we had the pleasure of having fullstack developer Johanna Jönsson and frontend developer Dmitri Markélov to join our forces for their internships. The assigned project for the internship was to build a new platform, realizing an idea that had been floating around at Annevo for some time. Together with support from colleagues at Annevo, Johanna and Dmitri created Annevo’s own Pokédex - Annevodex, which could be the coolest CV platform existing.

We asked Johanna and Dmitri to share some insights from the process of working with Annevodex. Before we delve into the development process, the challenges faced, and the valuable lessons learned during the creation of the platform, let’s start with some context.

ANNEVODEX - The story
The idea of AnnevoDex had been around internally for some time before Johanna and Dmitri started their internships. Some members from our Hub Group (a commitée of Annevoites who works strategically with improving Annevo) came up with the idea to improve the way we present ourselves and our skills externally. We started to build on that idea during a Hackaway in October 2022, where a prototype was developed for the potential product. The idea of building Annevodex was created.

So, when Johanna and Dmitri started at Annevo in November 2022, there was something to build on, but it still required some changes to actually realize and build the product the way we wanted it.

When asked about the work process and its stages, Johanna explains that she and Dmitri were involved in the entire journey, from the early stages of architecture and planning to the final implementation of Annevodex. Along the way, they embraced an agile work process that incorporated sprints, regular sprint demos, and daily stand-up meetings. This iterative approach allowed for continuous collaboration and improvement. The team also took advantage of the opportunity to review each other's code, fostering a culture of learning and inspiring one another.

The application is built using Next.js and TypeScript, which provided type safety and improved code quality. MongoDB was chosen as the database, enabling seamless data management. These technologies combined to deliver a modern and scalable web application.

Challenges and bridging the knowledge gap

Building Annevodex hasn’t just been a fun and easy going journey, it also presented its fair share of challenges along the way. 

Initially, dealing with the immense amount of code generated during the Hackaway posed a significant hurdle, and we ended up spending a few days organizing and reviewing each file and folder to understand the project structure” Dmitri says.

Additionally, becoming familiar with GitLab took time and effort, and some of the techniques used was relatively new to both Johanna and Dmitri. They overcame the challenging stages through effective management and a proactive mindset, and Dmitri explains that they relied on online tutorials and sought guidance from colleagues to bridge the knowledge gap.

By being adaptable, resourceful, and seeking support when needed, we successfully managed these challenges and made significant contributions to Annevodex's development”, Johanna concludes.

ANNEVO’s role in the project

The support and collaboration from fellow Annevoites played a crucial role in the development of Annevodex. Daily meetings provided a platform to discuss progress, challenges, and future plans, fostering an environment of open communication. Dmitri says that the Annevo colleagues were always available to offer support and brainstorm solutions when needed. He also mentions the collaborative atmosphere, and how it enriched the development process but also facilitated personal and professional growth for him and Johanna.

When asked about was aspect of the project they are most proud of, Johanna replies “Personally, I am most proud of the progress I made during the development of Annevodex and our planning that ensured all internship requirements were met". She experiences the whole project as rewarding, and she's proud to witness the project come to life and successfully fulfill the intended objectives.

Dmitri continues “Working on Annevodex taught me the value of hands-on experience and learning by doing". They both agree to that the project reinforced the importance of embracing challenges and seeking help when faced with obstacles and that the guidance and support of colleagues were invaluable in expanding their knowledge and overcoming hurdles. “This experience has instilled the confidence to tackle new projects and the importance of fostering a collaborative environment” says Johanna.

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