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ANNEVO TRIP 2023 - our weekend getaway in Kullaberg


Hanging out with old and new Annevoites last weekend was a blast! Here's what happened during the ANNEVO weekend getaway in Kullaberg.

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October 10, 2023

We've headed out for adventures, almost 60 Annevoites gathered in beautiful Kullaberg for a weekend getaway filled with laughter, fun activities, music and good food. It truly was a blast having you all under the same roof for a couple of nights.

Special thanks to Stina Torefalk, who's not only a highly skilled developer but also a healer and mindfulness coach who hosted an energy boost meditation for us upon arrival. Also thank you Alf Dahlman, who's a frontend magician but also an artist creating the greatest of linoleum prints to our printmaking workshop. You're awesome, thanks for making your contribution to the community!

We also celebrated four Annevoites who are culture heroes of 2023. These four people we're highlighted because of their big hearts, kind souls and crazy ideas. Thimmy Larsson, Mimmi Sandgren, Niklas Gustafsson and Elin Karlsson are all superstarts both when it comes to contributing to the ANNEVO community and in their delivery towards our clients. You're the best!

The weekend also resulted in an extremely cool instagram reel created by Daniel Shai Gunnarsson, Max Forsberg, Jennifer Jensen, and of course our two acting moviestars, Anna Karreskog and Filip Åstrand. Have a look at the result here. ENJOY! 🧡

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