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FUSE EVERYTHING - BURN BRIGHTER. Since 2023, Annevo has been a part of the twoday family.

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September 20, 2023

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to expand and further develop our business. It provides us with a unique opportunity to reach new heights of innovative thinking, enabling us to take on even bigger and more challenging projects than ever before.

twoday is a newly formed IT consulting company, especially strong whiting the public sector and with an international reach. twoday is a leading IT player focused on helping large and medium-sized organizations in their digital transformation. One of the primary advantages of the collaboration between Annevo and twoday is the capability to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers, encompassing a broad spectrum of specialized expertise in design and software development.

From an employee's perspective, the partnership also offers an exciting and unique opportunity to participate in an incentive program, on the same terms as the main owners of the companies. 

By forging strategic alliances, Annevo gains access to diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives. This partnership not only accelerates our own innovation processes but also contributes to the overall growth and advancement of the industry.


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